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A little bit of what we've been working on...

Wedding: Kari & Pat (Thailand)
Wedding: John & Kerry (Florida)
Bridal: Corrie
Engaged: Nathan & Heidi
Portraits: Jay & Becca
Engaged: Tyler & Jean
Engaged: Clint & Shannon
Engaged: Alexander & Angelina
Engaged: Brian & Samantha
Wedding: Marcus & Corrie
Wedding: Matt & Katie
Engaged: Jason & Natalie


Dear Blog

Dear blog,

Hi, its me. I know I have neglected you dearest blog. I know that I only updated you twice in the month of March. And I am sorry, but you see, we've been busy. I have been shooting pretty much 2-3 times a week in the last several weeks and well... editing... and we've had really great weather and... I'm sorry. You are still so very important to me and I do have lots and lots of pretty pictures to show you.

I will make it up to you with a little face lift really soon ok?



Out of Office & Back!

Hi friends! I have been out of town pretty much the last couple of weeks plus shooting bridals and engagement sessions that I can't wait to share! I'm so sorry if you haven't heard from us as speedy as usual; I'm back and we will be responding to emails and editing this week.

I'm so looking forward to Spring and all the portrait sessions and weddings we have lined up for 2010!

Here is one from John & Kerry's Florida wedding a couple of weeks ago.


Engaged: Chris & Beth

So after every session Rachel asks me "so how did it go?" and when I started to tell her about Beth and Chris all I could say was, "they are so perfect for each other, we could totally be friends with her". Beth just has this contagious laugh that I love! Her and Chris met me at Arlington Hall a couple of weeks ago with their lab, Boone. Boone is awesome. I want Boone to be our family dog... But I digress. They will be getting married in May and I'm looking forward to seeing them a few times before then!

{Note for Natalie: Hi! Thank you for reading this!}


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